Hi Michelle, Merry Christmas to you and everyone at Splat!  You guys always bend over backwards to make the impossible look easy, and make me look great in the process.  Every time I deal with a vendor that says ‘No, I don’t think we can do that’ I want to have him call YOU so he can learn about great customer service.

Mike B.

Niagara Falls, ON.

Splat Graphics

I have used Splat Graphics exclusively over the past couple of years.

They are a very reasonably priced and great for specialty T shirts that I use for my volleyball team. Other teams have even taken notice and I have recommended Splat more than once to others! They are always very professional and are at a great location for me, they will forever have my business!

Get Fleeced

Now On Sale! Laser Etched Fleece Blankets. Come in and purchase your fleece blanket and we will custom laser etch it for you with NO set up fee. This is a $35.00 savings. It is that time of year….keep warm and be unique.

Screen Printing Q & A With Splat Graphics

Hello Michelle,

Well, it is that time again. I have more questions for you, and this time, they are regarding screen printing at Splat Graphics, and what your customers need to know,

1. How many colours can I get in my design?

We can print in up to 6 colours.

2. How durable will the finished product be?

The process is very durable because the ink we use is plastic-based and can be washed and dried just as you would any other garment.

3. How do you price your work?

Screen printing is priced by how many colours are in your design, how many locations on the garment you want the design placed and the colour of the garment.

4. What fabrics are recommended for screen printing?

Cotton or cotton blends are the best. We can, also, print on Polyester, however, sometimes it can be subject to colour bleeding, depending on the manufacturer. We do not screen print nylon.

5. Can you tell me about the inks you use at Splat Graphics?

We use a plastisol ink, which is extremely durable and long lasting. This ink adheres well to fabric without peeling or cracking.

Wtrh this information, our customers will be on their way to making informed choices regarding thir selection of screen printing as their next decoration method.


A Chat With Splat Graphics About Laser Etching

C: Hello Michelle, I have a client who is looking to upgrade his corporate look. He is considering getting new apparel for his staff and has heard about laser etching and has asked me about it. I am not familiar with it so I came to you, knowing that you perform this type of work. What can you tell me so that I may better inform my client?

SG: Well, the first thing I would like to say is “Thank you for coming to us with your questions.” Now, with regards to your client’s questions about laser etching…laser etching is the latest in apparel decoration technology. It differs from traditional decoration techniques in that it uses a laser to etch, or “burn” a design into the garment, rather than sewing with a needle and thread, or laying down ink through a silk screen.

C: That sounds very interesting but, why would my client want to use laser over standard embroidery or screen printing?

SG: Well, there are numerous advantages to laser etching. First…it is a faster method. Since the laser is not physically sewing the design onto the fabric, it can decorate the garment faster, in many cases, MUCH faster. In the deadline driven environment of today, we all know how important that is.

Second, since the laser is not, actually, sewing the design onto the garment, your client will have many more options regarding the placement of his logo. There are fewer limitations when it comes to placement, therefore, your client is, no longer, limited to a front left chest or a sleeve logo. Now the logo can be placed over seams, over buttons, over pockets, over zippers, further customizing the effect that the client is trying to achieve. In fact, logo placement is now limited, only, to the imagination of the client.

Third, the laser yields a nice and clean, professional appearance, without the pulling and puckering that can be problematic with today’s modern, lightweight fabrics. A very high- end, “tone-on-tone” look will be the result and we have found that this is becoming more popular with our corporate clients, as well as those who are looking for something new and different.

Fourth and, perhaps, most important, laser etching is more cost-effective, since it is not priced by stitch count, as is embroidery, nor priced by layers of colour, as is screen printing. As such, a full back sized logo done with laser etching will cost a fraction of the same design done with embroidery or screen printing. Plus, once your artwork has been edited and approved, your client can re-size the logo as many times as he or she wants for no additional charge, provided that no other changes are requested for the design. This can save quite a bit of money in the long run and not everyone offers this.

C: What are the limitations and disadvantages of laser etching?

SG: The limitations are few but, they are very important. The major limitation is that the laser cannot produce in colour and will yield a “tone-on-tone” image. Another factor to be aware of is that tone changes are more subtle on very light or very dark coloured fabrics. We recommend that laser etching be done on dri-tech fabric, as well as most micro fleece. We have found that synthetic materials work best when using the laser.

C: What else is there that I can tell my client that we have not mentioned?

SG:  The laser is the most versatile decoration method available today. In addition to apparel, we are able to etch on granite, most plastics, acrylic and wood, as well as other hard goods. By adjusting the power level of the laser, we can set the desired depth of the burn, which will alter how light or dark the design appears on the material. Also, we would like your client to know that we also offer laser etching on scarves and blankets.

C: Thank you for your time today and for answering my many questions and for sharing your expertise with me. I am now better equipped to inform my client on what options are available to him and where he should go to get them.

SG:  Thank you for coming in to see us and remember that we are here to help you with all of your decorating needs

Digital Transfers are here!

We have some exciting new technology available for your decorating needs. We are now up and running, offering digital transfers. Theses transfers are more durable and offer brighter, more vibrant images. digital transfers can be put on all colour items and not just limited to white or light coloura. Stop in and see what we can do for you. These images will knock your socks off and make you garments really stand out.


We can also offer banners and stickers. You let your creative juices flow and we will do the rest.

Coming Soon! Digital Transfers!

Yes, we are adding the latest in technology for heat transfers…digital transfers. Now you will be able to attain more vibrant colours, greater detail and, best of all, you will not be limited to white or light coloured material…you want that black shirt? Now you can have it. So, if standard heat transfers just aren’t your cup of tea, digital transfers may be for you.